Dear business partners,
we allow us to introduce our machine shop Kovo Mraz s.r.o. . We are a fast growing company active in the field of machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as technical plastic. Our machine shop was founded in 2010 by buying the Kovosvit MAS S50 CNC machine. Thanks to a very favorable development and increase in the number of orders and satisfied customers we bought the YCM TC 16 MB automatic lathe. Production growth and quality moved us to new, bigger production space a year later. We reconstructed our new machine shop completely also with all necessary equipment, facilities, offices etc. and made an investment in a new DOOSAN LYNX 220A CNC lathe. We extended our production capacities with another YCM TC 16 MB lathe in 2018  to the interest of our customers in our high-quality production. Year 2019 brought the incorporation of our business and so the transition from a small business to the company Kovo Mraz s.r.o. as well as the acquisition of the Haas WF3SS machine tool and so new technological possibilities. Kovo Mraz s.r.o. is a fast growing company focused on excellent quality and reliable and fast deliveries of your products.


Quality, Performance, Fast Deliveries